24-30 June 2020

an eVIRTUAL event

Each session will be available on catch-up, you won’t miss a thing and you can also share with your team.

Below are a few sessions from our eVIRTUAL series

How COVID-19 is Changing the Auto Industry and EV Market

What is currently going on in the Industry, What are the trends after COVID-19? How will the automotive technology roadmap changed due to COVID-19? What are the trends after COVID-19 and what can companies do to be more resilient in the future? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

Arthur Kipferler, Partner, Berylls Strategy Advisors Ltd
Parham Antonio Vasaiely, Business Unit Director OEM Automated Driving, Aptiv

Aligning the Aftermarket to Customer Expectation in a Post Covid-19 Landscape

Juan Manuel Santiago Mendez of Mercedes-Benz, Richard Hankinson of Unipart Logistics and John Willems of FedEx as they discuss the future of automotive aftermarket.

Juan Manuel Santiago Mendez, Managing Director, Mercedes-Benz Parts Logistics UK
Richard Hankinson,Automotive Director,Unipart Logistics
John Willems, Head of Automotive, FedEx Express Europe

Silver linings – The upstream and downstream challenges and opportunities for electric vehicles

Join Justin Benson of Vendigital, David Hudson of Tata Motors and ex Qualcomm VP, Grzegorz Ombach, as they discuss the upstream and downstream challenges and opportunities for electric vehicles

Justin Benson, Vendigital
David Hudson, Tata Motors
Grzegorz Ombach