7-8 October 2019

Coventry, United Kingdom

8 October 2019

Coventry, United Kingdom

Join the debate - as sector specific workshops discuss the future. Each Knowledge Hub has an industry leader driving the conversation, allowing everyone to contribute and share insights and points of view.

With a short break at half-time, offering the opportunity to get involved with more than one hub. The hub leaders will then come together onstage for a short, group-review of the discussion points from each hub to share with the audience.

Knowledge Hub topics include:

  • Investing in EV Infrastructure – What’s Right & What’s Wrong?
  • EV Powertrain Technology – New Developments & Efficiencies
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Logistics – Development of Safe Systems for Transportation
  • Powering the Revolution – Can the Grid Handle a Mass EV Adoption?
  • Urban Charging – Development of Suitable Charging Solutions for Our Cities
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell & EV Alternatives – HFC, Hybridisation & Alternative Fuel Sources
  • OEM EV – Development, Collaboration or Assimilation?
  • EV Uptake – Will Increasing Public Engagement & Understanding Drive Sales, or is it more to do with price?
  • Regulation & Legislation – Standardisation for both Global & Local EV Systems Development
  • EV – Total Cost of Ownership vs Total Benefit of Ownership
  • EV Start-ups & Scaleups – Getting Noticed in a Congested Marketplace
  • Relieving Range Anxiety – Have the latest EV’s addressed RA? Or is Public Trust in OEMs a contributing factor?